Staying well-informed about your vehicle's performance on the roads of Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River is essential. Fortunately, your Nissan Sentra comes adorned with a series of lights that notify you of a variety of different situations occurring inside your automobile.

So, if you're looking for some insight into what your vehicle is trying to tell you, we're here with this Nissan Sentra dashboard light guide created by Dartmouth Nissan. Let's take a look at a few of the most important symbols on your dash and what they mean!

Nissan Sentra Charge Warning Light

Have you ever wondered how your car turns on? Well, the battery tucked beneath the hood of your Nissan Sentra helps start the ignition. However, if it's low on charge or encounters a problem, you may see the Charge Warning Light illuminate on your dash.

What to Do: Since your vehicle's battery is crucial to starting your vehicle, you should have this light addressed by service professional. That way, you'll get back on the road in no time.

Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

The fluid that's housed inside the engine of your Sentra keeps each part lubricated and protected against friction. That's why it's wise to address the Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light as soon as you notice it on your dashboard.

What to Do: After you've parked your vehicle, get out and take a look under your car for any leaks. Regardless if you see a puddle of liquid under your automobile or not, make sure to call a trusted mechanic as soon as possible. They'll be able to repair your vehicle, so it soars along the road without a hitch.

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

Next up on our Nissan Sentra dashboard is the Low Tire Pressure Warning Light, which catches your attention with an exclamation mark. This alert provides you with a visual alert when the air in your tires has fallen below a certain level. That way, you'll know when to visit a service center to replenish your tire pressure.

What to Do: No matter if you just need a quick refill on air or if you have a flat tire, you'll want to pull over in a safe location to inspect your tires. From there, contact your local repair facility and ask them about the best course of action. Most likely, they'll advise you to stop by, so they can correctly diagnose the problem.

Brake Warning Light

Your parking brake gives your vehicle some extra stability and keeps it stationary on steep inclines. If you forget to deactivate the parking brake once you get back on the road, you'll notice a Brake Warning Light behind the wheel of your Nissan sedan.

What to Do: If your parking brake isn't applied, it's possible that you need some new brake fluid. Luckily, the team at your local service center can help you identify the problem and replenish your brake fluid. Simply give them a call, and they'll be happy to take a look.

Malfunction Indicator Light

To help you stay in-the-know about your engine's efficiency and performance, the Malfunction Indicator Light turns on when a problem with the Emission Control System is detected. If an issue is caught by your car, it'll illuminate a warning that looks like an engine on the dashboard, making it easy to quickly identify.

What to Do: Since the emission control system inside your Nissan Sentra is comprised of intricate parts, it's best to let an automotive service professional handle this light. However, if you want to rule out other possibilities before you call, pop open the fuel tank and verify that the cap is screwed on and isn't loose. Then, schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected.

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