Nissan Pathfinder Dashboard Light Guide

While you’re keeping pace with your busy schedule, it helps to be kept in the know about everything going on inside your vehicle. Luckily, your Nissan Pathfinder comes with a convenient array of warnings that help you understand more about services it needs to function properly on the roads of Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River.

Nissan Pathfinder Dashboard Light Guide Dartmouth MATo give you some extra insight into what each symbol on your dash really means, we’re here with this Nissan Pathfinder Dashboard Light Guide created by Dartmouth Nissan. Thanks to the information provided in this manual, you’ll know exactly what to do once you see one of those colorful lights illuminate your dashboard.

Charge Warning Light

If you notice a small, red rectangle that’s adorned with a positive and negative symbol, you’ve come face to face with your charge warning light. This signal lets you know when the charge on the battery inside your vehicle is running low or isn’t functioning properly.

Pathfinder Warning Lights Dartmouth MAWhat to Do: Because your car relies on a battery charge to start the ignition, it’s important to get this signal addressed by a skilled mechanic as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll get the repair or replacement you need so that you can continue down the route to your destination.

Low Tire Pressure Warning

When you spot a dashboard symbol that looks like a “U” with an exclamation mark inside, you’re looking at the low tire pressure warning light. Whether you’re experiencing a flat tire or you just need a refresh on pressure, you’ll see this alert when there’s a malfunction with your tires or the Tire-Pressure Monitoring System.

What to Do: As soon as you recognize this warning, find a safe place to pull over. Once you’ve parked and turned off your Nissan Pathfinder, take a look at the tires. If your tire doesn’t appear to be flat, reroute yourself to a trusted service center.

High Beam Indicator

Pathfinder High Beam Indicator Dartmouth MAYour high beams help you see every inch of the road while you’re travelling at night. However, you want to make sure to turn them off when another car is approaching or once you have better visibility.

That’s why your Nissan Pathfinder offers up the high beam indicator light on your dashboard. With this handy symbol, you’ll know when your high beams are on during the day. To spot it, look for a closed semicircle emitting beams of light.

What to Do: If you see this signal illuminated, make sure to disengage your high beams to preserve your battery charge. After you turn off your lights, you should see this warning disappear off your dash. If it doesn’t, schedule an appointment at your local service center so that a professional can properly diagnose your vehicle.

Supplemental Air Bag Warning Light

Pathfinder Supplemental Air Bag Warning Light Dartmouth MAAir bag systems are essential in keeping everyone in your car safe during your adventures. Fortunately, your Nissan Pathfinder comes with a supplemental air bag warning light that looks like a passenger sitting in a chair with a round symbol on their lap. If this alert stays lit during your drive or doesn’t flash on when you start your car, it’s possible that the air bag has malfunctioned.

What to Do: To verify that all the air bags function properly in the event of an accident, call up your auto repair shop and schedule an appointment for your SUV. That way, an automotive professional can take a look at the system and get it back in working order.

Malfunction Indicator Light

How could you move over the road without a powerful engine under the hood of your Nissan Pathfinder? To keep your car performing smoothly, watch out for any dashboard symbols that resemble a motor. Although this beacon can indicate a few different scenarios, it’s likely that your vehicle needs an inspection of its emission control system.

What to Do: After you’ve identified this symbol, head on over to a knowledgeable mechanic who’s familiar with Nissan vehicles. They’ll have the know-how required to address an issue with your engine, let you know what’s causing it, and get your car back into shape.

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