Battery Repair near Me

Battery Repair near Me

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When drivers in Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River need battery repair, they turn to Dartmouth Nissan. Our experienced team of service technicians can give your vehicle the jolt it needs to get back on the road.

Our team wants to share some of their battery know-how with you, so we’ve put together this helpful guide. Here, you’ll learn what a car battery does and how we handle battery repair. You’ll also learn some of the warning signs of a failing battery.

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Battery Repair at our Nissan Dealer

Battery Service near MeWhen you bring your vehicle in for a battery repair, we’ll check its voltage and the overall condition. Plus, we’ll check the other components of your car to make sure that everything is in good shape.

If there’s corrosion or issues with the charging system, we’ll perform the necessary maintenance to get your car back to normal. If we find that your battery doesn’t have the charge to properly power your Nissan, we’ll suggest a replacement, where we simply swap out your old battery with a fresh one.

If you think you’re in need of a battery repair, you can schedule service quickly online.

Signs You Need a New Car Battery

One of the major warning signs of a failing battery is a slow engine crank. If your vehicle is taking longer to start up or the cranking of the engine is sluggish, it may mean your battery is beginning to die.

Battery Replacement Signs Dartmouth MAOne of your vehicle’s handy dashboard lights may also illuminate if there is a problem with your battery. The battery warning light indicates a problem with the battery itself or the charging system. A weak charge may also trigger the check engine light.

Here are a few other warning signs for you to look for:

  • Low battery fluid level
  • Swollen or bloated battery case
  • Rotten egg smell around the battery
  • A battery that’s over three years old

If you notice any of these signs, you should have your vehicle inspected by a professional. They’ll determine whether your battery should be replaced.

Importance of Your Nissan Car Battery

Have you been asking, what does a car battery actually do? Well, we have the answer for you!

Importance of Your Nissan Car Battery Dartmouth MAThe battery provides the jolt of electricity that gets your car started. On top of that, it provides the electrical current that keeps the vehicle running—that’s a big responsibility! It converts chemical energy into electrical energy through a chemical reaction. This reaction occurs when sulfuric acid reacts with the active material inside the battery.

The standard 12-volt car battery is considered fully charged at 12.6 volts or higher. A dead one will give off a reading of 11.89 volts or less. If you think your battery charge is low, our service technicians can perform a voltage test.

Find Your Battery Repair near Me

Here at Dartmouth Nissan, we have a reliable service team that will get your battery maintenance done right. You’ll be back out on the streets of Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River in no time.

If your Nissan is in need of battery repair or you’d simply like to learn more about your car battery, contact our service center today!