Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Your engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. While it doesn’t power your engine like gas does, it ensures that everything runs smoothly and doesn’t break down or overheat. It serves as a lubricant and a shield. When your engine runs, it generates a great deal of heat and friction. Oil makes sure that everything moves freely and guards against the heat, so that your engine doesn’t suffer major damage.

Symptoms of Low Engine Oil Dartmouth MAUnfortunately, as you drive, your engine oil gradually gets clogged up with particles and dirt it picks up while doing its job, and it turns into sludge that can actually gum up the engine and cause it harm. That’s why oil changes are so important to your car. But how do you know it’s time for an oil change? Let’s examine the symptoms of low engine oil, and where you can go in the New Bedford, Fall River, and Dartmouth areas to get service.

Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

When looking for the signs of low engine oil, one should also consider the symptoms of dirty engine oil. There are a number of things you should watch for that are indicators it’s time for an oil change, and it’s vital that you heed these signals. Some are worse than others, and some indicate a major, potentially expensive issue.

Oil Pressure Light

Oil Change Dartmouth MAIf you see an indicator light appear on your dashboard that looks like a dripping oil can, that’s a sign that you’re low on oil pressure. This means that it’s time to check your oil and get the problem fixed quickly. At the very least you’ll need to add oil. You should also find out why you’re low, as it’s not something that should occur.

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell inside your vehicle, it’s an indication that there’s a serious problem. You may have an oil leak with oil dripping on the engine. It’s important to let the vehicle cool off, and then check your oil levels at the dipstick. Driving with low oil can cause a lot of harm to your engine, resulting in costly repairs.

Clunking or Grinding Sounds

If you hear a clunking, grinding, or knocking sound from your engine, stop driving and get your car into the service center right away. These are often signs that you’ve thrown a rod in your car, which is an indicator of a failing engine. If you hear any of these sounds, remember to get your car in for a checkup and repairs promptly.

Get Your Oil Changed at Dartmouth Nissan

If you experience these symptoms of low engine oil, it’s important to get your oil changed as soon as possible. Of course, it’s better to stay on top of the regular routine maintenance for your Nissan to avoid them in the first place. The best place to do this in the Dartmouth, Fall River, or New Bedford area is Dartmouth Nissan. Give us a call or stop into our service center for an appointment today.