Nissan Warranty FAQs

Nissan Warranty FAQs Dartmouth MA

Nissan is known for creating highly reliable automobiles. However, it’s good to have that extra protection for times when the unexpected may occur.

Luckily, that’s where a Nissan Warranty comes in. It’ll give you specific coverage for so many years and miles. Interested in learning more? Read through these Nissan Warranty FAQs from Dartmouth Nissan. Then, feel free to contact us for service near Dartmouth, New Bedford, or Fall River.

How Long Do Nissan Warranties Last?

The length of a Nissan Warranty all depends on which model you get. For instance, new Nissan models are backed by a 36-Month/36,000-Mile Limited Vehicle Coverage along with a 5-Year/60,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Coverage.

If you have a new Nissan NV model, then you’re looking at a 60-Month/100,000-Mile Limited Warranty.

Finally, if you have a used Nissan that’s equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), you’re looking at an additional 10-Year/120,000-Mile CVT Limited Warranty Extension.

How Can I Extend My Coverage Even Further?

Nissan Warranty Information Dartmouth MAYou’ll want to visit your local Nissan dealer to ask about extending your coverage as they can help pick the right plan for you.

One of them is Security+Plus, which gives you more coverage after your basic warranty ends. With this plan, you get the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance for tire service or dispatch towing service.
  • Trip Interruption, where you’ll be reimbursed for alternate transportation, meals, and lodging when you’re at least 100 miles from home.
  • Car Rental Assistance, for a reimbursement for a specified amount up to five days.

What’s Covered in Security+Plus?

Nissan Security+Plus Dartmouth MA What Is Nissan Security+Plus Dartmouth MA

Virtually every part of your Nissan is covered with this plan. It includes the major components, such as:

  • Engine: cylinder block, intake valve seat, dipstick, etc.
  • Steering: idler pullet bracket, filler plug, steering gear boot, and more.
  • Brakes: ABS motor relay, hand brake stem, center lever, etc.
  • Electrical: gauge assembly, speedometer, tachometer, and more.
  • Body/Interior: sunroof harness, hood lock, seat belt limit switch, etc.

Can I Transfer a Security+Plus Agreement?

Can I Transfer a Security+Plus Agreement? Dartmouth MA

If you sell your Nissan down the line and the coverage hasn’t expired yet, you can transfer it to the new owner. This process can actually enhance the resale value, which could help you out greatly come time to sell the vehicle.

How Can I Tell If a Repair is Covered Under My Agreement?

How Can I Tell If a Repair is Covered Under My Security+Plus Agreement? Dartmouth MA

At some point, you may need to bring your vehicle in for repairs. At that point, you can ask the technician what work is needed and if it’s covered under your agreement.

Once they spot any issues with your Nissan, they can determine if it’s covered under the protection plan.

Are There Other Protection Plans Available?

Nissan Protection Plans Dartmouth MA

There are several different Nissan protection plans that you could get for extra peace of mind. They include:

  • Tire & Wheel Protection: Flat tire repair/replacement, wheel repair/replacement, and mounting/balancing.
  • Platinum Protection: Tire & wheel road hazard protection, paintless dent repair protection, and windshield repair protection.
  • Ultimate Platinum Protection: Same as the Platinum Protection but adds curb & cosmetic protection along with key replacement protection

Again, you’ll want to talk to your Nissan dealer for more information about these plans and to add them to your warranty.

Get More Info on Nissan Warranties

Above are some of the most frequently asked questions about Nissan warranties. For more details, though, you can always reach out to the team at Dartmouth Nissan.

We’ll be happy to address any inquiries that you may have about protecting your Nissan. Plus, if you need service near Dartmouth, New Bedford, or Fall River, we’ll gladly take care of that for you.

Don’t wait. Contact us for more information on Nissan warranties today!