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Notable Daycare Centers near New Bedford MA

Notable Daycare Centers near New Bedford There are plenty of benefits to enrolling your child in daycare. It helps prepare them for school, as they’ll be around other children learning important skills. It can also help them try new foods or activities that they might otherwise not try at home.

If you’re thinking of having your little one attend a learning center nearby, then keep reading our guide to daycare centers near New Bedford, MA.

Lighthouse Learning Center

Nurturing Children for the Future

Lighthouse Learning Center When you bring your child to the Lighthouse Learning Center, you can rest assured that they’ll receive top-quality care.

That’s because the staff is dedicated to providing a relaxed setting that’s “geared toward the needs and interest of each child.” Plus, they’ll put your needs into consideration, offering flexible services that coincide with your work schedule.

Their educational programs offer different themes based on the season and month. However, they’re all centered around the same three ideas, which are for studying their neighborhood, being with friends and family at home, and discovering the world around them.

To learn more, check out Lighthouse Learning Center on Facebook.

Little People’s College

Providing a Safe & Loving Educational Setting

Little People’s CollegeAt Little People’s College, they’re all about giving every child a valuable education in a nurturing atmosphere.

The school was founded in 1980 by sisters Sandy Rego and Joyce deSousa. They were public school teachers and mothers of preschool-age children. The goal of founding this center was to create a curriculum where boys and girls developed skills to get them ready for public school.

They offer a variety of programs, for infants, 1- and 2-year-olds, preschoolers, and those in pre-K. By helping children become proficient in things like reading, motor skills, and imagination, they’ll be all set to take on the world (after they conquer public school, of course).

For more information, visit Little People’s College on Facebook.

NorthStar Learning Center

Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential

NorthStar Learning CenterNorthStar Learning Center was founded in 1974 to deliver, “individualized, strength-based, culturally responsive, family-focused programs.” With these programs, little ones are able to realize their full potential.

There are a large variety of curriculums here, from Early Education & Care to School Age Programs. However, they all revolve around specific values that the learning center upholds. These include:

  • School Success: Stressing the importance of regular school attendance while also having kids demonstrate a more positive attitude toward school overall.
  • Creating Opportunity for All: Providing community-based programs to help children and their families attain a better life.

You can get more info on the NorthStar Learning Center Facebook page.

Enroll Your Little One in Daycare Today

As we mentioned before, there are lots of great reasons to enroll your child in daycare. To get started, contact any of the above-mentioned learning centers near New Bedford, MA. Your son or daughter will learn, explore, and have fun with other kids in no time!