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What Is Nissan Intelligent Mobility™?

Can you imagine anything more convenient than a car that thinks for you? Well, by equipping your automobile with Nissan Intelligent Mobility™, you’ll be one step closer to an automated commute along the roads of Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River.

Nissan Altima - 360 Intelligent Mobility - Pearl WhiteWith a goal of eventually automating the entire process of driving, this intelligent system works toward that vision by providing you with technologies that automatically engage during certain driving scenarios.

Of course, with a feature so innovative, you’re probably eager to learn more about its details, which is why Dartmouth Nissan is here to answer questions like, “what is Nissan Intelligent Mobility™?” Let’s learn more about the capabilities of this system!

What Is Nissan Intelligent Mobility™?

First, let’s define what Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ actually is. Overall, this system is a vow to provide drivers with the benefits of EV power and autonomous driving innovations in the near future.

Encompassing three areas, namely Nissan Intelligent Power, Nissan Intelligent Driving, and Nissan Intelligent Integration, this comprehensive program serves as the backbone for cutting-edge technological advancements made to Nissan vehicles.

The goal? To enhance the driving experience by making it safer, more personal, and more sustainable.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™: Intuitive Safety

Nissan TITAN XD Backup Collision InterventionAbove all else, you want to make sure that every drive is as safe as possible. As a part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility™, Nissan Intelligent Driving helps you steer clear of accidents and other mishaps on the road.

Put simply, the safety technologies included in Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ constantly watch your surroundings and intervene if a dangerous situation is detected. Some of the features found in this system are as follows:

Automatic Emergency Braking

By using a radar to monitor the movements of the vehicles in front of you, you’ll be warned if you’re approaching the rear of another car too quickly. That way, you can take the necessary preventative actions to avoid a collision. If no action is taken, your Nissan can autonomously apply the brakes to prevent an accident or reduce the severity of one.

Blind Spot Warning

An informed drive is never a bad thing. With the help of Blind Spot Warning, you’ll be alerted of other automobiles in your blind spot with a visual indicator that appears in driver’s or front passenger’s door or on the Advanced Drive-Assist® Display.

Once you activate your turn signal, this system will emit an audible warning, so you know to wait until the other vehicle passes before changing lanes.

Around View® Monitor

You know those tough-to-navigate city parking spots? Well, they just got a whole lot easier to squeeze into with the available Around View® Monitor system.

By using four cameras equipped in your Nissan, you’ll see a virtual, 360-degree view of your vehicle and surroundings from above. As a result, you’ll effortlessly back into that parallel parking spot and make it to your event on time.

Although these are only a few of the innovative gadgets found within the Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ system, each of these amenities creates a more enjoyable and informed driving experience, no matter where the roads take you.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™: Beyond Standard Power

As a pioneer of intelligent performance and emission control, the Nissan LEAF is at the forefront of Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ innovation.

For example, Nissan Intelligent Power delivers 100 percent instant torque and zero tailpipe emissions. Thanks to this technology, you’ll have enhanced agility and reduced energy output in any environment.

On top of that, the e-Pedal, found inside the Nissan LEAF, makes driving even more convenient. This unique pedal controls everything from acceleration to deceleration to stopping. All you have to do is lift your foot off the pedal to slow down and bring your vehicle to a halt.

Learn More About Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ Today!

At Dartmouth Nissan, we like to keep drivers near Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River updated about the latest advancements in automotive technology.

With plans to introduce fully autonomous vehicles in the near future, you can count on Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ to make your journeys more thrilling and more convenient.

To discover more about the Nissan models that offer Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ and learn about the features that utilize this technology, feel free to stop by our showroom or contact us today!


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